To NFP and the liberals: What did the ‘water-kit’ have to do with Islam?

Recently in Pakistan, an ‘Engineer’ by the name of Agha Waqar Ahmad [1] invented a ‘water-kit’ that allegedly ran a car engine on just water. Obviously such an invention was to attract interest (given the country’s fuel problems) and criticism (given the country’s self-opinionated people).

The invention received mixed reviews. Most of the people who gave the reviews did not understand the second law of thermodynamics (many being undergrad students and holier-than-thou grads). Yet there were opinions given by some prominent scientists such as Dr Samar Mubarakmand (who said that a car could run only on water) , Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy (who said that the kit ‘simply cannot work’) as well as Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan (who stated he had investigated the matter and did not find any fraud) and Dr. Attaur Rehman (who believed the kit could not work just on water but should be tested).

These are to be expected since this is a matter related to academics. Even allegations of fraud on Mr. Agha are not surprising given the past crazy inventions in the world of science. However what was surprising was that how a section of the liberal population of Pakistan felt this was an opportunity to somehow ridicule Islam and practicing Muslims. I do not personally think much of Mr. Agha’s ‘invention’ and i support a thorough investigation of the matter so that the good can be sifted from the bad and actual science from fraud ; yet I was appalled at the deliberate attempt by liberals such as Nadeem F. Paracha (NFP) [2] and the ‘Naked Tyrants’ [3] at using the water-kit to poke fun at and ridicule Muslims.

The ‘comedians’ Naked Tyrants uploaded a video on Youtube “Sawabkit – Car that runs on Sawab!” in which a car is shown that runs on sawab (reward for good deeds). To attain sawab they state that one has to ‘kill a kafir’ because other ‘good deeds such as namaz (Salah) and roza (Saum) could not start the car’. Mr. Paracha who is a well-known ‘cultural critic and senior columnist’ wrote a satire in which he has imagined Muslim inventions that would seem funny to him or put a twist around previous such ‘inventions’ to humor his audience.

Why did NFP and Naked Tyrants resort to doing this?

Let me ask them: How on earth did you make the connection between Agha Waqar and Islam? Agha Waqar hasn’t said he is working in the ‘interests of Islam’. Neither does he look like or proclaim to be as the liberals would put it : a Mullah. At best one could say he is working for the interest of his country. So why drag Islam into this?

The answer lies in the simple fact that the liberals do not find Islam to their liking. They conveniently reject this and say ‘we don’t like the Islam distorted by Mullahs’. Mr. Paracha and people like Naked Tyrants are a class of liberals known as liberal extremists. Some liberals or lazy Muslims may not be very practicing or not practicing at all, but they do not openly vilify Islam and expose their lack of knowledge of the religion along the way. This particular class of extremists leaves no opportunity to ridicule, taunt and slander general Muslims, Islam, the practicing Muslims and religious circles.

The liberal and secular extremist newspapers such as Express Tribune and Dawn are filled with the machinations of this generation of secular-educated, non-practicing (or hardly practicing), cocky , rude and intolerant characters who leave no stone unturned in exhibiting that they are not equipped with the basic knowledge to distinguish between religion and culture.

As stated above their real problem is with Islam and not ‘mullahs who distorted Islam’ (who we know as Ulema; and are well-respected actually). This leads to frustration as they cannot grasp why Muslims do the things they do. They know how to but not why. This is typified in the ridiculing of Qital fil Kafir ma harbi (war against belligerent non-Muslims) and Hudood (punishments) for non-Muslims who have committed an act for which Islam legislates the death penalty.

This particular problem has arisen because of the ban on teachings of Islam, particularly Jihad, at the school and university level where the meager Islamiat and Islamic studies do not suffice. However the knowledge of Islam, particularly Jihad, does reach this generation via the media dominated largely by extremists such as Mr. Paracha. Therefore they understand Islam and Jihad the way Mr. Paracha and his cronies want them to understand. This is why they make fun of not only Jihad against belligerent non-muslims but also the ruling of killing of those non-muslims and Muslims who insult Islam in Muslim lands openly ( and upon whom the hudood  are established).

A large section of the liberal population now believes that the Qadianis are Muslims. I doubt any one of them have read the most thorough proof of Qadianis being non-Muslims: Gift to Qadianis – 6 volumes (Tohf e Qadianiat) [5] by Ml. Yusuf Ludhianvi Shaheed. They have not read the book, they don’t even know what a Qadiani is (and if they do it is obviously from Qadiani sources or liberal extremists; remember Mullahs distorting faith?). Yet based on this uneducated judgement they give lectures of ‘tolerance’ to religious Muslims who have been outraged ever since the birth of the Qadiani religion whose biggest crime is not only to insult the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) or to reject his words but masquerade as Muslims with full commitment to take as many Muslims in their religion as possible. It is these acts that not only puts them out of Islam but also makes them worse than Jews, Christians and other non-Muslim. They are known as Zindeeq.

Yet the tolerance of liberals does not extend to anyone who criticizes their way of life or even disagrees with it. One of the great thorns in their sides is Amar bil Maruf wa Nahyi an’il munkar (enjoining good and forbidding evil) which is obligatory upon Muslims [6]. They conveniently forget that ‘enjoining’ does not mean forcing or interfering nor judgement. It is a general encouragement to do good. Their selective tolerance goes down the drain as soon as they are faced with Amar bil Maruf and Nahyi an’il Munkar. They get angry and frustrated. A recent example of this was the young man in Pakistan who shot his mother because she woke him up for fajr salah!

Therefore to let this frustration out Mr. Paracha and his offspring of liberal extremists such as Naked Tyrants who have grown up on the Islamophobia espoused by the media, make fun of and ridicule Islam in every way possible. In Mr. Paracha’s article he has conveniently  confused Arab culture with Arabic. Mr. Paracha people don’t put ‘Al ‘ before things because they are impressed with Arabs, they do so because Arabic is the language of Muslims!

Newsflash: in which language do you read the Salah and Qur’an?.

So it is love and devotion to Arabic not Arabs that leads to adoption of Arabic in our speech. In Islam no Arab is superior to non-Arab by virtue of ethnicity or race and vice versa. Mr. Paracha goes on to spill his hatred for Zia era quite forgetting (or perhaps not knowing) that Zia era was not exactly an Islamic era but a conservative era labelled ‘Islamic’. Why on earth would Jinn be used to generate electricity when this has never been the practice of Muslim scholars of the previous generations? Where did Al-Ghazzali, Ibn e Rushd, Ibn e Sina and Ibn e Khaldun espouse any such theories in the Age of Muslim Scientific Advancement? Where does Islam say that Jinn are to be used? Also how can one say Zia’s era was Shariah based when in fact Islamic banking was retained? Do these people even know what Shariah is or do they believe anyone who claims ‘Shariah’?

Mr. Paracha also exhibits his lack of knowledge of recent applications of Shariah when he declares that Muslim women are punished for adultery and not men. The ruling is same for both and it has been applied on both in recent times. Its only that a stoning of a man would not sell and so it isn’t filmed.

His article is filled with ridicule of people not connected to Islamic scholarship and of theories not endorsed by religious circles. One example of the former is Dr. Amir Liaquat , a self-proclaimed self-studied scholar who no one except the gullible take seriously, and of the latter is HAARP. Tell me Mr. Paracha are all the conspiracy theorists the fundamentalist Muslims that you so hate?

Mr. Paracha again shows his hatred for islamic practices and regulations he does not like by ridiculing the sunnah of the Wives of the Prophet (PBUH): niqab (head veil). He shows his ignorance of the importance of Life after death when he pokes fun at those who warn of eternal damnation. In Islam the thing which is emphasized is that one should not look at the size of the sin but the Greatness of the One who is being disobeyed. Constantly we are warned to repent and supplicate to Allah (SWT) to not punish for our wrongdoings and write death as a non-Muslim in our fate thereby condemnation to hell forever. Yet this man has the arrogance (and stupidity) to poke fun at this? Know that every word and action of ours is written down and if any of it makes Allah (SWT) angry He can take away Islam from us instantly and give us death on kufr. This is our basis of freedom of speech. The subjective selective freedom of speech of liberals is unacceptable in Islam. Their distance from Islam has driven them to the point that they have begun to make fun of it.

So who has the real Islam : liberals or fundamentalists?

Let us settle this once and for all. If the liberals accuse ‘mullahs’ of distortion do the liberals have the real Islam of 1400 years ago? The Angle Jibraeel (AS) decided to convey real Islam to the liberals of Pakistan after the Ummah had been misguided for 1400 years? The truth is they either do not know, or reject, how Islam reached us through scholars and chain of narrators that preserved the teachings. (Details can be found in Answering Secularism I). One simply cannot claim to know Islam by self-study or by learning from those who did self-study. Even the least practicing Muslim knows through Muslim culture that teachings of Islam are going to be preserved by Allah (SWT) till the Day of Judgement. This necessitates that there be a mechanism that continuously filters real Islam from fabrications and reprehensible innovations. This also necessitates that never in 1400 years the true message of Islam be lost [4]. This further asks us to investigate how Allah chose for Islam to be propagated from one generation to the next; and it was definitely not via self-study.

Therefore any claims by liberals of distortion of faith are uneducated and incorrect to say the least. But who among the liberals has ever picked up a book on Fiqh to read let alone go to a seminary or islamic center to learn Islam? Those who have learnt something yet chose to stay liberal or combine liberalism with Islam are another category. They are all misguided as we have just demonstrated. For this reason my request to people is to stop paying attention to what they are saying about Islam.

If Agha Waqar was a ‘Mullah’?

Of course this would have meant Eid came early for liberal extremists. Express Tribune would have been filled with daily blogs by pseudo-intellectuals demonstrating their lack of knowledge. NFP and his liberal kids would have had a field day ridiculing every single action of Agha Waqar from his posture to his blinking and speaking etc. If this recent escapade wasn’t proof to any unbiased person of the intolerance and blind hatred for islam  that liberals have, then that surely would have been.

What does Islam really say about Science?

Contrary to what the Atheist extremists would have you believe Science and Islam aren’t mutually exclusive. Tawakkul , which is often misunderstood, simply means to trust in Allah (SWT) and go for the means. Then of course to achieve something a Muslim would do everything he can without losing his head and without succumbing to stupidity or arrogance. Science is basically the extension of the command of Allah (SWT) to ‘see and observe the Signs given b y Allah’ so that one may affirm their faith in Islam. Of course science is also a tool to better the standard of living via various inventions, improve military might etc. Islam doesn’t oppose this but it opposes opulence and total warfare (military first). Unfortunately due to rampant secularism in Muslim lands these vital things are not taught in schools and people take science either as an uneducated means to prove Islam or disprove Islam, while neither is logical given our limited intellect.

Introducing the ‘Liberal Car’

How did they miss the idea of building the Liberal Car? After all it is a car that runs on gunah ( ‘reward’ for bad deeds) which the liberals have no objection to doing openly. Whenever you are down on fuel on the road simply take out your cellphone and text ‘Qadianis are Muslims!!!’ to your entire friend list via your SMS package and then enjoy your ride to your destination. Happy driving!

Edit: Naked Tyrant Productions (NTP) later stated their aim was not to make fun of Islam but expose people who do things (termed as ridiculous by NTP) under the banner of Islam.




[3] (warning: profanity)

[4] Asr e Hazir mein Deen ki Tafheem or Tashreeh – Syed Abul Hasan Ali Nadwi (page 44).




20 thoughts on “To NFP and the liberals: What did the ‘water-kit’ have to do with Islam?

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  2. Opinion noted. We can see how you might have drawn this conclusion. Since you seem like a reasonable person let us just clarify that we aren’t taking a jab at Islam, not by far, you have enough hypocrites in this country to do that for you. We’re just highlighting how our religion is used to validate things that sometime seem a bit ridiculous. The main character in our skit is a fraud, thus he is shown to misrepresent Islam, if anything, we’re doing but the opposite of what some rightist individuals think. Regardless, we appreciate an argument in article format or at least one that poses a question at the end instead of a threat, for that, I personally thank you. Above all however, its the waterkit we’re targeting, for various reasons which you already know.

    So here’s to reaching out to you too.

    Naked Tyrant Productions.

    • thank you for your reply.
      sir who validated this water-kit with Islam?
      how are the two even connected? agha’s water kit and islam ==> just that i am asking about.
      we have enough people making fun of Islam at the moment we don’t need more. Perhaps you don’t know but we have scholars and learned religious people who spend day and night fighting tooth and nail against those people who distort Islam. of course the definition of ‘ridiculous’ may be different for you but i shall not go into that.
      If you wish to join such efforts i suggest take some clues from the article about science and Islam and incorporate that in your productions so that you help Islam not its enemies.

      Best Regards,

      • Well again, you must remember we place emphasis on the practitioner, not the order or religion itself.

        We will soon be releasing a video about Asif Zardari, heavily criticising him, now this doesn’t mean we criticise politics and the concept of ‘government’ as a whole, but just the practice of one politician. Which in turn reflects on the very ideal of politics.

        There is no direct connection between water kit and muslims, i grant you, but this is an imaginary circumstance that criticises the legitimatization of people and actions on the basis of Islam, which in my personal belief is the highest level of betrayal: things like that are what ruin the name of our religion in the grander scale. Amir Liaqat for example, he is allowed to be on air despite the world having seen his true colours, he is no better than asif zardari, who is allowed to remain president despite the world having seen his true colours too.

        Its frauds like them who have to be criticised, but people need to realize that when you make fun of a certain type of person, you aren’t making fun of a greater corporation, government or religion that he may belong to, just his misrepresentation of it.

        Though I appreciate the very mature and critical nature of this article and thread, I must unfortunately beg leave from this thread. Good luck with your blog!


        • seriously??
          are u really comparing ‘just’ ppl here with the divine Deen?
          plz know that even if the actions of Amir liaquat or Asif zardari are wrong and need to be scrutinized and corrected, it still doesn’t allow us to ridicule them by taking their names as it is plain (sin) gheebah (backbiting).
          as muslims we are to hate the sin and not the sinner. So if u really need to, u make fun of the wrong practices (though criticism in Islam is only allowed with the intention of correction and not merely enjoying the ‘fun-making’)…but plz spare ppl.
          Moreover, ridiculing politics doesn’t earn one Gunah while ridiculing religion (any symbol of Allah SWT; any person, practice or idea that depicts its connection with Allah SWT) certainly does as it is sheer disrespect.
          By ridiculing anything that has got anything to do with Islam, we’d be punching holes in our own boat only.

  3. that is the thing. zardari and amir liaquat are people. you skit them, you skit them. you skit a ‘faceless’ person with a beard you do not skit an individual. that is the catch. brother this is a wrong way to go about giving this message. if you were really parodying amir liaqat type people why the beard? why not pose without it so people can know that ordinary muslims like yourself can commit fraud too in the name of religion. why people with beard have to be ostracized? the beard is a symbol of Islam and this gives Islam a bad name whether you intended or not. Look at the top comment on your video. the guy has trouble differentiating between tawaf and itekaf yet the venom against Islam is obvious with his words.

    and the kafir thing? if you read the jurisprudence of war it is not a simple yes or no answer to ‘can we kill kafir?’

    its not a coincidence nadeem f. paracha chose the same time to do the very same thing. im not saying you are in league with him but too many people generalize Muslims and certain aspects of Islam too much and that too without important pre-requisite knowledge.


  4. I cant believe people actually have issues with that video. All that your doing with this article is promoting that video even more. This video wasnt even funny to be honest. theyve made fun of the fashion industry and other things aswell. OMG our faith is so weak a video made by some rich jerk with a camera can destroy our belief and what a beard means in our religion. am not their fan at all. the article is just an over reaction to something completely stupid. i make videos aswell, they must thought of a funny concept and made a video on it
    and remember you, me or a mufti/mullah has got the right to say someone is a good muslim or a bad muslim. let the one above us decide the intentions.

    • thank you for your feedback. let me mention a few things:
      – the article wasn’t about a video. the NTP aren’t mentioned in the title of the article. if you had said the same thing about NFP that would have had more merit because most of the article refutes him. if any it was an explanation (and criticism) of liberal beliefs.
      – i did not say my belief was ‘destroyed’ (alhamdulillah) in the article nor do I think criticism equates insecurity.
      – yes we do not judge anyone. you missed that part in the article when I clarified the difference between enjoining good and criticism on individual. its like one says those who shave their beard off do an open sin. but this does ‘not’ equate to saying mr xyz shaves his beard so ‘he’ is an open sinner. get my point? and that argument ‘let the Creator judge’ is a strawman. the islamic law is here to point right or wrong. no need to look into people’s hearts but don’t point fingers at people but at sins. there is a difference.

      thanks for dropping by!

      • i Knw NFP more than anyone here actually. we share the same family name. paracha. i am ashamed of that guy. he is an alcoholic. i hate his articles. the way he sarcastically mocks the mullahs and islamic practices. i hated the article i think it was in tribune about expresso where a women wanted to pray and she wasnt allowed, the guy who wrote it had the same sarcastic and mocking tone towards muslim sentiments. its great to see honestly people like you doing good work on internet and on blogs, educated people that is, i want to do the same aswell. i just felt maybe it was an over-reaction, i am thinking of making a video mocking these guys who are sarcastic towards our deen trust me it would be a much better reply. am good at it.
        thanks and salam

      • @PAKAKA
        hmmm the video idea doesn’t sound too bad. i unfortunately have zero experience with that stuff.
        do share here if and when you make one. and remember not to stoop to their level : )
        Best of luck!

  5. Good article. I would just quote the following verses from Quran.

    ” And if you question them, they declare emphatically: “We were only talking idly and joking.” Say: “Was it at Allah, His Aayat and His Messenger you were mocking?” Make no excuses! You have rejected faith after you had accepted it, if We pardon some of you, We will punish others amongst you because they were sinners” (9:65-66)

    The makers of skit might think that this might not apply to them but I’d rather not test Allah’s boundaries.

    NFP with his constant recollection of good times when people could drink, dance and party all night – he should read the following two verses of Quran.

    “The hypocrites, men and women, are one from another; they enjoin evil, and forbid the good, and they close their hands. They have forgotten Allah, so He has forgotten them. Verily, the hypocrites are the rebellious. Allah has promised the hypocrites — men and women — and the disbelievers, the fire of Hell; therein shall they abide. It will suffice them. Allah has cursed them and for them is the lasting torment.” (9:67-68)

    May Allah guide all of us towards true path

    • Jazak Allah khair for the Ayah.
      the NTP have stated they were not making fun of Islam so I will not go beyond that. I don’t make takfir of them or NFP however I would like to state that even if we are doing some positive work for Islam we must make sure to never act in such a way that it insults Islam or degrades it (even if we didn’t intend it). We must be very fearful of Allah (SWT) and careful about what we say and do.

      I pray they are guided to the right path.

  6. Well, why did NFP drag Islam? it’s quite simple. His satirical article titled “Science for Ummah” simply make fun of this sad society we are living in, where most of the people were defending Agha Waqar’s Water Kit believing that he is right, only because liberals such as Ataurrahman and Hoodhboy opposed to it on scientific basis, not because they were liberals but purely because Agha Waqar’s kit in a way poked fun at the Laws of Thermodynamics. It was not about Agha Waqar, it was about the majority of our people who were defending him ignoring the scientific laws. Islam was not dragged by liberals in this debate, but conservatives such as yourself.

    • i would point out some facts for you since you missed them completely:

      – nowhere do I claim that people were defending the kit because some scientists (i didnt even differentiate between the scientists based on their Islamic views) opposed it. this is a completely fickle statement.

      – If you would see NFP’s “material” it is clear he brought Islam into this to have another opportunity to poke fun at it. and you are defending him saying he was instead poking fun at ‘our sad society’? how shallow are you again? conveniently skipping between Islam and ‘culture’ to do as you please.
      If you had read the article while paying attention you would see I have addressed this poor inability to differentiate between Islam and ‘culture’.

      Why does ‘sad society’ not include the liberals and lazy Muslims that were also supporting this water kit? Why did it target specifically the practicing Muslims which Mr. Paracha so hates? It is because he thinks we believes in fairy tales isn’t it?

      Kindly read my article again to understand why Mr. paracha knows absolutely nothing about Islam. Go ahead, prove you are not an intolerant, close-minded extremist liberal.

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