Welcome to Reaching Out To The Left!
I am Ibn Jawed Al-Hanafi, a student of knowledge. The purpose of this blog is written in the header beneath the title. The targeted audience is mentioned in “How do we define ‘Left'” tab. The articles are aimed to take you on a journey of Islam. We will explore in sha Allah, every aspect of Islam that governs our entire lives; from ibadah to tazkiyah, society to politics, military and economics. However we leave out issues that are better suited for a fatwa website.

The articles extensively use works of great scholars of Islam and every effort shall be made to provide the books which serve as source of information for the articles. When you read an article do not forget to share it as it is sadqa-i-jariah, in sha Allah.

I can be reached at reachingout2theleft@gmail.com for any queries or further elaboration.



9 thoughts on “About

  1. Your blog was much need in these times.You are doing a wonderful service to Islam.

    If possible,can you tell me addresses of other blogs or websites who are fighting these liberal fascists ?

  2. Thanks for following my blog. If not, I wouldn’t have come across your thought provoking blog which opened my mind to what is really happening out there; which is, most of the time, the direct opposite of what the media potrays:)
    This is much needed in this time where media has the power to control and empty our minds like that of zombies and the only way to fill it back is with the Clear Truth…
    May Allah Almighty bless your effort and reward you with the best rewards and Paradise. May He also grant you more ideas and also steadfastness in posting:)

    • Jazak Allah khair. we should all work to expose the lies and distortions of media. as Malcolm X said: be careful when you read the newspapers, otherwise they will have you hating the ones you should love.

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