How do we define ‘Left’

Our target audience are the following:

  • Liberals – especially the ones who are very vocal about Islam. We feel they need more exposure to what Islam actually says about things. Hence much of our content will be for them.
  • Secularists – all liberals are secular bot not all secularists are liberal. Therefore we will also address questions many ‘religious secularists’ raise about Islamic system of government and society.
  • Modernists – our aim is to identify where they have erred in their interpretations of Islam.
  • Lazy Muslims – they are also liberal; only less vocal. They usually mind their own business and get along with life. But they make many grave mistakes towards which we would like to draw their attention.
  • Apologists – they are religious Muslims who tend to present a ‘moderate’ image of Islam to the west. We will, in due time, identify their errors as well.

This page isn’t just for Muslims but also for non-Muslims. Remember that this is a discussion blog and you are all welcome to discuss, respectfully. You however do not have freedom to insult.

Lastly, please remember that we are not judging anyone. We are simply pointing out the wrong interpretations of Islam, the bigotry and the biased judgement that many make towards Islam. A lot of the time, of course we will be refuting prominent people from the ‘Left’, but it will be only because they made their writings public and so they have to be refuted in order for the common man to be prevented from adopting their incorrect ideologies.



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